You made up your mind, this is going to be your year. You’re going all in, building something for yourself. You deserve it, you want it.

Many of us have a side business, what we might call a side hustle or a dream.

Rachel loved baking. She started at a young age and became known amongst her friends as the cookie queen. Over the next few years, she started taking some orders from close friends and family. She always wanted to turn her passion into a business, and her husband finally convinced her to start a small business from home.

It started so well. Word got around and people started showing up for her cookies, but she needed more to turn it into a sustainable business. Rachel found herself working hard on everything except cooking. She needed a menu, an accountant and a website. She didn’t have any time or help for marketing and building a mailing list. She was overwhelmed.

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Do you own a website?

Building your business in 2021 requires so many things that are not the real reason you started the business. However, you don’t have to stop doing what you love in order to succeed, you just need to do it better. Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Don’t overspend – before you rent a shop or hire staff, test your idea online quickly. Everything you need can be found online and you can start your exploration there. Learn what it takes and then decide if your hobby or passion should become a business, or just stay a fun weekend hustle.

  2. A website out of the box – yes, it’s possible. NoCode is like magic. Gone are the days when you needed to save money and then shop around for developers and designers. Instead of learning how to build it, just do it and start straight away.

  3. Communication is key – constant awareness is crucial when looking to grow a business. You need to remind everyone that you exist. People want to know if they can meet or when a new product will drop. Communication with your clients needs to be easy, ongoing and seamless. From booking meetings and seeing the new menu, to keeping in touch via newsletters, you need to be everywhere.

  4. Money is everything – well, not really, but making sure you run a smooth operation that allows people to pay online will save you time and inconvenience. Online payments give the feeling of a real business, like someone else is handling the money. It will also free your time while everything is handled in one location.

  5. Focus – it is so easy to lose track of time. Find the right tools, plan ahead and focus on the important things. Remember, when it all works out, it’s just like magic, things fall into place.

Growing a business is never easy. Starting a small business is never easy. In today’s growing gig economy with all the side hustles, you need one platform, straight out of the box, ready to be your magic helper.

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Do you own a website?